Dear David:

I wanted to provide this testimonial to you in anticipation of any use that you would like to have made of it. I want you to know that you were one of the most outstanding expert witnesses that I have ever worked with.Your cogent analysis and helpful information with respect to the background and fundamentals of the franchise industry was indispensable in assisting our clients in the settlement of a very difficult and emotional case. Your appearance at the deposition in the case was very productive as your demeanor, intelligence and knowledge have had great credibility to our clients position. Although we did not try the case, I am convinced that your appearance would have been very well received by the jury. You have a very easy conversational way which enables you to communicate persuasively.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to the privilege of doing so in the future.

Best Regards,
Frank Gooch III

Of The Firm
Gilchrist & Rutter Professional Corporation


David Holmes has a very thorough knowledge of franchise law. 

 First, he had extensive experience working within franchise organizations like IHOP and Century 21 Real Estate Corporation.  He then expanded his range of knowledge by founding a law firm and serving a wide range of franchisor clients for more than twenty years. 

He has lectured and written articles about franchising and has served in leadership roles on California state franchise committees. 

 David has actively drafted and shepherded through important changes to California franchise statutes over the years and has been an important voice in the development of franchise law, in general.  David was among the first generation of certified franchise and distribution law specialists. 

 I have had the pleasure of working with David on several occasions.  I can commend him to you for his dedication, organization and follow through.  He can be counted on to provide a quality work product on time.  David works well with others and has a facility for explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

 I highly recommend David Holmes as an expert witness or consultant in the field of franchise law.      

 Jonathan C. Solish

Partner, Bryan Cave LLP


Dear David:

I have known you for over twenty years. During that time I have served with you on the following Committees of the Business Law Section of the State Bar of California:

The Franchise Law Committee;

The Franchise Consulting Group; and

The Franchise Distribution Law, Advisory Commission.

Over the years, when we have consulted, you have displayed a vast knowledge of Franchise and Distribution Law. I have also been impressed with your ability to reduce complex isssues in your field to there essence and explain them in a manner and with examples or anecdotes which even a lay person could understand. Your pleasant, professorial, and calm demeanor made you a pleasure to work with.

Best Regards,
Robert J. Brown

Law Offices Of Robert J. Brown


Dear David:

After serving on the California State Bar Franchise Law Comittee with you, I can attest that you not only know franchise law forwards and backwards, it appears that you had a hand in writing some of the laws yourself!

If a client needs an expert to examine a franchise matter and explain the law, from 35,000 feet down to street level, and to explain maters clearly to both lawyers and laymen, you will again be my first call.

Best Regards,
Tim Pickwell

Certified Specialist
Franchise & Distribution Law
State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization
Tim Pickwell, A Professional Corporation


. . . Even though the laws relating to franchising and distribution are both obscure and complicated, there are several lawyers who know those laws and can apply them to a variety of situations. The designation as a Certified Specialist in Franchise and Distribution Law from the Board of Legal Specialization of the California State Bar Association is some evidence of a lawyer's familiarity and understanding of those laws. What sets David apart from the bulk of even those specialists, however, is David's ability first to synthesize that information, and then to be able to explain it to others in a way that is comprehensible, even by someone without experience in franchising. David has that rare gift to make this complicated area of law understandable by all sort of people—including lawyers who do not practice in the area, judges, and juries. I would whole-heartedly recommend David as an expert witness or consultant for those reasons.

Very truly yours, Brian H. Cole

Law Offices of Brian H. Cole


I have known David Holmes for more than ten years.  During that time, David and I together have represented franchisor clients and have served on a number of professional committees, including the California State Bar: (i) Franchise Law Committee; (ii) Franchise and Distribution Law Advisory Committee; and (iii) Board of Legal Specialization.  I also have worked with David as a contributing author in connection with the publication for which he was the Executive Editor:  California Law and Practice.  The CEB book was published in 2009, and updated in 2011.

       David is well recognized as an international expert in the specialized area of franchise and distribution law.  His reputation as an effective and skilled practitioner in this area is exemplary.  I have participated with David in seminars and public presentations, both at the state and national level.  In my unequivocal opinion, David is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also, possesses the ability to articulate complex facts and issues in everyday language.  He is a superlative communicator with people from all walks of life.  I highly recommend David as an expert witness or consultant either for franchisor or franchisee matters.


Best Regards,


James M. Mulcahy

Certified Specialist in Franchise and Distribution Law

State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

Mulcahy LLP


Dear David,

 Over the more than 20 years I have known you I have had the opportunity to work with you representing franchisor clients together, attending various legal symposiums with you and seeking your legal advice on franchise matters. Your knowledge of Franchise & Distribution Law is extensive and because of your active participation in State Advisory Committee’s you have been able to contribute your knowledge and insights to them in both legal and practical ways.

 I believe your effectiveness as an Expert Witness is enhanced because of your legal knowledge of current franchise law, your ability to think in logical and practical terms and your manner and demeanor that projects professionalism and a thorough understanding of the issues involved.

 I would be happy to share my views further with anyone who seeks to learn more about your expertise and ability to represent them in a matter requiring extensive franchise and legal knowledge and experience.

Edward Kushell

Past Chair – International Franchise Association


David brings to franchising a deep scholarship and understanding of franchising and distribution models from both a legal and practical perspective, as well as the perspectives of government regulators.  David has a rich resume as in house counsel, private practice, and active involvement with state regulators in molding franchise law and regulations.

 I have the utmost respect for David, and believe that he would be highly effective in almost any role in franchising, including that of negotiator, mediator or expert witness.  David has earned a national reputation as a leading authority in the franchising community.  Of equal importance, David is able to articulate his opinions in a compelling and authoritative manner with great credibility with his audience.

 In working with David on the State Bar Franchise Law Committee and with the Fair Franchising Standards Committee of the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (the AAFD), I found him to be unfailingly open-minded, fair, knowledgeable both as to the law and the practicalities of franchising and highly professional, as well as a delight to work with on a personal level.

 While David and I sometimes have different points of view, as might be expected among professionals, I’ve always found him open to reason and amicable discussion, and ready to compromise when appropriate. 

 Robert L. Purvin, Jr.

Chair and CEO - American Association of Franchisees & Dealers


        I have known and worked with David Holmes since January of 2006  . . .   It is apparent that he has extensive knowledge of franchise law and a deep reservoir of experience in the field.  Moreover, he is able to explain franchise law concepts in terms that are readily understandable to persons not familiar with the practice area.  

         David and I first met in person at a retreat for officers of the State Bar of California, Business Law Section, in March, 2006.  There, David proposed that CEB publish a book on franchise law and practice in California.  A few months later, CEB approved the project, with David serving as Executive Editor. 

. . .  David himself authored two out of the total of thirteen book chapters.  In addition, he monitored the progress of the other authors' work to ensure that CEB's publication deadlines were met, and he reviewed all of the manuscripts before their submission to CEB.  

  I particularly appreciated David's ability to understand the respective interests and viewpoints of both franchisor and franchisee and to ensure that both points of view received adequate coverage in the book.  David's close involvement with the project assured that the book covered all aspects of California franchise law and practice in an appropriate way and was of excellent quality throughout.  The book was first published in 2009, and a 2011 update of the book has just been published.  David remained involved with the book as the Executive Editor of the 2011 update, and I look forward to working with him again on future updates of the book.

I can recommend David without hesitation as an expert in franchise law and practice.  Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any further information.

 Best regards,

 Suzanne L. Weakley

Publications Attorney, CEB - Editor-in-Chief, California Business Law Practitioner  


Dear David,


It is my pleasure to provide you with a testimonial . . .  we have known each for over 20 + years now and along this time path, we have enjoyed many years of client/attorney relationship. Some of our time was spent during my time as Founder and CEO of American Leak Detection. During that time, you provided me with outstanding legal guidance and advice both domestically and internationally. I relied on you to cover all the legal bases for our company that, at the time, had over 360 franchise units in 44 states and 14 foreign countries. I recall how impressed I was with the passion, legal and business expertise you brought not only to American Leak Detection but to the entire franchise industry.


. . .    It continues to be a distinct pleasure to work with you and learn from your myriad of “in the trenches” franchise experiences…Thank you for that!!!


Thank you again for guiding us through our incredible growth period while helping us to set a path for Franchisor/franchisee success.  I wholeheartedly and without any reservations recommend your “Expert Witness Services” to anyone looking for a competent professional that can make "Lemonade out of lemons."


Best regards,


Richard (Dick) Rennick, CFE

Past Chairman – International Franchise Association (IFA)

Past Chairman - IFA Educational Foundation

Founder - American Leak Detection


I have known David Holmes for many years now and his deep knowledge of franchising was extremely important to us as we grew several franchise systems.  When we first launched Cartridge World in the US market, David’s counsel helped guide us in the right direction.  His advice and good legal work helped us grow that system quickly.

David has the ability to take complicated franchise-related issues and communicate those to a variety of people.  His extensive background in franchising gives him perspective that would be hard to duplicate.  

The range of companies, industries and regions he has worked in gives him a strong global perspective that would be useful as an expert witness.

Burt Yarkin - Former CEO Cartridge World